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Policies & Regulations

1.On-campus Accommodation
1.1 All the students enrolled on the International Campus Zhejiang University, who are willing to comply with all college rules and regulations, accept the assignment and pay housing fees in accordance with the dates specified, can apply for the accommodation the residential college assigns to them and occupy at the dates specified.
1.2 All the students apply for the on-campus accommodation must accept the assignment made by the residential college.
1.3 All the students shall not use the room assigned in any other manner than as a personal residence. All the students may not sell, sublease, or assign this Contract to anyone. All the students can not move out or change the room without permission.
1.4 All the students must pay the accommodation fees, extra electricity fees and other fees in a timely fashion.
1.5 Room changes for freshmen take place during the first six weeks of the first semester. Room changes for next semester take place during the last two weeks of this semester.
1.6 All the students should accept that the residential college may, in its sole discretion, reassign the rooms, in the event of a student housing shortage.
1.7 If a student ceases to be a registered student as a result of graduation, withdrawal, dismissal, transfer or other departure from campus, the student must follow the move-out procedures with the time required.
1.8 All the students should live on campus in the first academic year. From the second academic year, students can apply for off-campus accommodation. Off-campus accommodation application for next academic year takes place during the last two weeks of this academic year.
1.9 The student must move out of the residential college within three days after the move-out procedures are completed.
1.10 The residential college may enter students’ room during operational working hours for unscheduled inspection, including students’ cleaning responsibilities, safety, facilities and furnishings, etc. The residential college reserves the right to supervise and inspect students’ room.
2.Off-campus Accommodation
2.1 All the students are expected to live on campus. For sophomore and upper-division students, those who have personal reasons can apply for off-campus accommodation.
2.1.1   Chinese students should complete an application form and state the reasons for off-campus accommodation. With the approval of the residential college and the parents (or guardian), the students can follow the move-out procedures.
2.1.2   International students should get residential college’s approval first, and then complete off-campus accommodation procedures in accordance with the regulations of Exit and Entry Administration Department of Public Security Bureau. Within 24 hours after off-campus move-in, the students must take their own passports and go to the local police station for a residence registration. The students must also go to the residential college to have their accommodation information recorded.
2.2 Dates for application: the last two weeks of each academic year.
2.3 The students live off campus should be responsible for personal and property safety. The students must comply with national laws and regulations and must not engage in activities endangering national security or in violation of national laws or relevant regulations of public security. The students should be responsible for any personal behavior.
2.4 The students live off campus should stay in touch with the residential college. When the living address is changed, the students should inform their parents, guardian, joint institute and residential college. The international students must go to the local police station once again for personal information update, if they change the living places.
2.5 When the off-campus accommodation expires, the students should go back to the residential college. If the students do not go back to the residential college, it will be regarded as an extension.
3.Electrical Safety
3.1 All the rooms are equipped with electrical appliances, including air conditioners and lamps.
3.2 The public areas in the residential college are equipped with electrical appliances, including air conditioners, fridges, TV sets, water coolers, hair driers, microwave, coffeemakers, toasters, garment steamers, etc, which can only be used in public areas and can not be moved or disassembled.
3.3 The electrical appliances whose power is higher than 200W are not permitted in residential college. With the approval of the residential college, special electrical appliances can be used for special needs. Any other electrical appliances can not be used in the residential college without the permission.
3.4 There are enough outlets and USB charging ports in the rooms. Power strips are not permitted in the rooms.
3.5 The residential college provides the lease service of mini fridges and air purifiers. The students are not permitted to take their own to the residential college.