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Health & Medical Resources

The international campus has many health, wellness, and medical resources available to students. Wellness involves the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Actively developing skills for cultivating and maintaining wellness is a challenging but worthwhile endeavor with lifelong benefits.
A. Medical Resources
The hospital provides general and preventative health care to all students. It cooperates with University of Zhejiang Medical Center, the Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, Hangzhou Seventh People's Hospital as well as Haining Hospital to provides a variety of services to students.
B. Mental Health & Counseling

The Students Counseling Office provides mental health care to the students of International Campus of Zhejiang University. We have one national consultant psychologist who could provide the care for students including needs assessment, psychotherapy, psychiatric consultation.

Office: Student Affairs (158, Residential College)

Time:  6pm-8pm, Monday


C. Insurance for International Students

International students who stay in university for six months or above are entitled to comprehensive insurance offered by the university, including accident medical insurance, hospitalization expenses, accident deformity, death insurance, etc. Self-supporting students who enjoy tuition fee discount and university exchange students shall pay for insurance by themselves.

In order to protect your insurance interests, please take good care of all the documents, receipts, papers, etc involved. When making a medical insurance claim, students shall provide complete documents, including photocopy of the passport, certificate of doctor’s diagnosis or certificate of accident, medical record, all the medical examination reports, receipt of medicine expenses, list of medical examination items, list of medicines, receipt of hospitalization expenses and hospital discharge certificate, etc.

Files of insurance and procedures for insurance claims can be downloaded here: