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Notice of Temporary Closure of Residential College No.2

Notice of Temporary Closure of Residential College No.2


Dear Residential College residences:

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education on the epidemic prevention and control of 2019-nCoV outbreak, comply with a mutual agreement with the ZIBS(including the Centre of China Studies) and an approval from the Campus Epidemic Situation Handling Working Group, due to the current reduced and scattered residency in the international campus, the RC Office has decided that Residential College (No.2) will be closed temporarily until the re-opening of campusResidents are required to relocate from RC (No.2) to RC (No.1) as a centralised accommodation arrangement, and relocate back to RC (No.2) when campus reopens. 

During the period of centralised accommodation, the water and electricity supply in RC (No.2) will be cut off and all gates closed, administrative staffs and campus services personnel shall be evacuated. As a gentle reminder, all residents shall abide by every legitimate regulation of RC accommodation management. Residents shall complete their relocations at their earliest convenience possible. 

The relocation deadline is on 16:30 of 12th February 2020. Should you have any problems, please contact the RC accommodation arrangement contact person:

RC(No.1): Liang Meng (TEL:137-5076-1005,E-mail:

RC(No.2): Chen Enru, (TEL: 135-8815-2742, E-mail:

The viral epidemic symbolises an order, and prevention and control will be our responsibility, we would like to convey our utmost gratitude for your understanding and huge support!


Residential College, International Campus

9th February 2020