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Academic life

In the residential college, we provide the relaxed environment and international atmosphere. Language exchange, workshops, creative laboratories, self-study learning resources and library resources will help students develop their study skills, as well as the communication and teamwork skills.
A. Language exchange
We have 53 Chinese students from ZJU-UIUC Institute and ZJU-UoE Institute, 65 international students from Institute of China Studies. Language exchange is a great way for students to learn Chinese and English and improve their communication skills. Language exchange will be held once a week in the Multi-purpose Hall, or students could make appointments by themselves for the one-to-one meeting.
B. Academic Forum
Academic forum is the place for exchanging and closely studying current topics that that matter in science, society and people's lives. The purpose of academic forum is to expand the horizons of students.
C. Workshops
The goals of the workshops are to provide a forum for the students doing projects that are challenging, meaningful, and rewarding. We will offer a series of workshops each month for the students. Each workshop is carefully designed by the organizers, typically 3-4 hours long, and generally held on the Sunday afternoon. The topics of the workshops could involve leadership development, career fair success, teamwork ability, conflict management, etc.