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Art & Culture

Artistic and cultural experiences enrich the lives of the students and spark their creativity. Whether they participate directly or enjoy being inspired by others, opportunities to get involved are everywhere at the University.
A. Organizations
Dozens of student-run organizations, such as ensembles, troupes, and cultural groups can be built in the international campus as we provide pianos, an entire orchestra, music room, rehearsal room, etc.
B. Cultural Engagement
We also cooperate with Wenqin Art Troupe, Heibai drama club, Fanyin opera troupe in Zhejiang University. These great organizations advance arts practice, foster meaningful collaboration and cultural engagement at Zhejiang university, as well as in the city of Hangzhou.
C. International Cultural Exchange
Chinese students and international students from Institute of China Studies hold international culture exchange activities with the help of student union. The international culture exchange will focus on organizing study sessions and activities for student to learn different languages and cultures.