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The Residential College provides a friendly and supportive learning-and-living environment. Each student has a private bedroom, shared bathroom and common living space. The multipurpose and integrated design of the College also offers library facilities, study rooms, discussion and interactive space, activity and fitness rooms with full gym facilities.

The Master of the Residential College, Professor Lap-Chee Tsui, is a famous educationist who was the President of University of Hong Kong for 12 years. The Fellows, Tutors and Counselors in the College are all ready to help the students make the most out of their learning experience here, through general education, value inculcation and personal development, to become an all-rounded person with knowledge, competence, morality and individuality.

With carefully designed courses and programs, the students will have a world-class learning opportunity here at the Residential College, with international courses and studies, and with international teachers and students. As a living-learning community, the College keeps a friendly and harmonious environment, enriched by a large number of student-initiated and managed organizations and communities, such as the committee of college life, micro communities in units, and reading clubs. Students are encouraged to join and operate these organizations, whereby they learn to serve society, take leadership role, work with others, handle financial matters, etc.