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Room Reservation

Activities Room Reservation
1 There are several types of activity rooms in residential college and all rooms are open to students of this residential college.
2 All activity rooms (except fitness center and reading room) need to be booked before use. The booking frequency and period of popular activity rooms will be limited.
3 Please login in residential college’s website or use Wechat to check and book activity rooms and confirm the booking result.
4 The management system will automatically allot access authority of related room to the applicant if the booking is successful.
5 Once the activity is cancelled, the booking should be cancelled as well. If not, the booking rights will be limited.
6 Any user should ensure your personal and property safety and avoid electric shocks or fires. Residential college will assume no responsibility for any damage which is not caused by facilities.
7 Any behaviors or activities which are against morality, state laws or regulations of International Campus and residential college are forbidden in activity rooms.
8 All facilities should be used properly and should not be dismantled, removed or taken away without authorization. Any damage caused by improper use should be paid according to the price.
9 After usage of the room, the public supplies should be sorted and all furniture should be returned to the original position. Your belongings and garbage should be taken away.
10 Applicants should leave the related activity room in time, any overtime occupancy need to make new appointment in advance. Once the room has been ordered by others, the new appointment will be rejected.
11 Residential college will limit the application rights for those who violated the related regulations.