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Notice of Residential College on Selecting Students for High Table Dinner at Lap-Chee College of HKU

12/06/2017 - 10:15

Dear All,


At the invitation of Lap-Chee College, HKU, College A will organize students to attend the "High Table Dinner" held at the college. The visit to Hong Kong will be tentatively scheduled from January 19 to 21, 2018.


Lap-Chee College, is one of the four new residential colleges situated on Lung Wah Street, Kennedy Town. The college was named after Professor Tsui Lap-Chee, the 14th Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Hong Kong. At Lap-Chee College we offer an academic and social environment that is both intellectually vibrant and culturally rich.

High Table Dinner is a traditional event in HKU, so as for Lap-Chee College. Each time, a number of prestigious guests from HKU community are invited to the event and one of them would share his or her valuable life experience. Lap-Cheers could also make networking while having a palatable meal together as a big family. High table dinner is:

Ø  a compulsory event in which college members gather together as a family to experience college life

Ø  an opportunity for college members to socialize and make friends

Ø  a chance to listen to inspirational speeches delivered by influential people


Residential College intends to select two outstanding student representatives to participate in the event. The public selection process and requirements are as follows:

1.      Enrollment: All students live in College A

2.      Selection process: Students fill out the attched application form . Residential College organizes to review the application materials, and invite several students to participate in the interview. The selection results will be announced on the website of Residential College.

3.      Selection conditions: Applicants should have enthusiastically participated in college activities with a high awareness of Residential College education. Priority will be given to members of Residential College Student Committee.

4.      Application: Please send the application form to by 17:00 on December 13th, 2017.


The expenses of accommodation and transportation involved in this exchange activity shall be settled by Residential College. Other expenses incurred during the event such as catering shall be borne by the students themselves.

Hope you would cherish this visit opportunity, and enthusiastically register to join!


College A, International Campus, Zhejiang University


Application Form for High Table Dinner Event.docx