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第五届高桌晚宴报名就在今天~High Table Dinner Invitation




The traditional event  High Table Dinner is coming!



      High Table Dinner originates from oxford, cambridge and other famous collegiate universities in the world. It is an important part of cultivating education in international campus and one of the  traditional events in ZIRC. At High Table Dinner, students will have a great opportunity to broaden their horizons through listening to keynote speech delivered by honorable guests in different fields and having fruitful conversations with guests, tutors and peers. 


Event Information

日期: 2020年12月2日(周三)18:00-20:00 (请于17:45前完成入场)

地点: 国际校区多功能厅


Time: 18 :00-20:00,Wednesday, 2nd Dec. 2020 (please be seated before 17:45)

Venue:Multi-functional Hall, International Campus

Dress Code: Formal attire with gowns (This will be given to you by your Table Leader)


Honorable Guest

Prof. Xinheng Wang




Professor, head of Department of Mechatronics and Robotics, School of Advanced Technology, XJTLU

       王新珩,西安交通大学学士、硕士,英国布鲁奈尔大学博士。攻读博士期间,作为留学生代表获得了江泽民总书记的接见。主持了欧盟、英国、中国以及企业界科研项目近30项,多项研究成果位于世界前列。共发表文章近170多篇,其中SCI检索文章超过50篇。他是IET Fellow、IEEE高级会员、欧盟项目评审和监控专家、英国EPSRC项目评审专家、英国标准委员会委员、中国高端项目专家以及江苏省 “创新创业团队” 领军人才,同时也是12个期刊的特邀编辑。

    Prof. Xinheng Wang, Bachelor and Master of Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Ph.D. from Brunel University, UK. During his doctoral studies, he was received by General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee Jiang Zemin as a representative of overseas students. He has presided over nearly 30 governmental and business scientific research projects in EU, UK, China, and many research achievements are in the forefront of the world. More than 170 articles were published, of which more than 50 were retrieved by SCI. He is an IET Fellow, a senior member of IEEE, an expert in project review and monitoring in EU, an expert in project review in EPSRC in UK, a member of British Standards Committee, an expert in high-end projects in China, and a leading talent of "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team" in Jiangsu Province. He is also a special editor of 12 journals.

Registration Information

报名时间: 2020年11月13日18:00(报名后请耐心等待工作人员审核,审核通过缴费完成即为报名成功,额满即止)

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Registration:  18:00, 13th Nov. 2020

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