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A lecture on psychology: How to adapt to college life


On October 14th, Li Juan, a counsellor from Mental Health Education and Consulting Center of Zhejiang University, came to Haining international campus and had a discussion with students on a series of topics like how to adapt to college life, how to develop interpersonal skills and how to balance academic work and extracurricular activities.


As a National second-level counsellor with solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, Li Juan is an expert on college students’ mental health. During the one-hour lecture, Ms. Li introduced the whole process of teenagers’ mental growth. She also mentioned the mobile phone addiction and Maslow's hierarchy of needs using various examples and abundant evidence which vividly showed the significance of mental health in college life.


Just as President Xi said to young students, “One should button up the first button properly in his life.” Freshmen are faced with great changes in living environment. In this crucial period, the Department of Student Affairs will organize a series of activities so as to help with improving psychological health of students.