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06/26/2017 - 11:45

Dear all:

    The summer holidays are coming on July 4th. Hope you will have wonderful holidays and please mind your own safety. Here are some tips for you:


Ø  Please pack all of your belongings before you leave campus if you are graduating.

Ø  Please pack all of your belongings and ask the reception desk to store your packages in the specified rooms before you leave campus if you are studying in campus next semester.

Ø  Residential College would provide graduates and students who are studying in campus next semester with rooms in Block 4 during summer holidays, if you are leaving campus after July 10th or having holidays in campus. Please ask the reception desk for information of rooms for holidays and move on July 10th.

Ø  Students living in campus during holidays should comply with the codes and regulations of campus. Keep your student ID card well and do not share your room with others. Do not use forbidden electrical appliances. Please report to the reception desk if any accident occurs.

Ø  Students traveling during holidays should be cautious of stealing, deceiving, food poisoning and traffic accidents. Sign up some travel activities organized by formal travel agencies. Be aware of transportation and foods safety during your journey. Take necessary medicines with you and keep in touch with your relatives when you are out. Call the police immediately if you were stolen or came into anything dangerous.

Ø  Please call the reception desk if you need help from Residential College.

Tel: 0571-87572200.


    Enjoy your holidays!


                                                 Office of Student Affairs

                                                     Residential College

                                                         June 26th, 2017