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Warmly Reminder Regarding 2020 Winter Vacation

Warmly Reminder Regarding 2020 Winter Vacation

Dear residential students,

Winter vacation is approaching. We wish you all enjoy the vacation! Here are some reminders.

  1. Before departure, please clean your dormitory, clear the refrigerator, take out the trash, close the windows, cut off the power and lock the door. Please be sure not to pile up stuffs on the hallway. Remember to check out at Residential College reception when leaving.

  2. Go home and reunion with your family. Accompany your parents. Spend some time with your siblings. Visit some friends.

  3. When carrying out social practice activities during the vacation, please report the whereabouts, contact information and ending time to tutors and advisors timely and regularly.

  4. Please raise alert to theft, fraud, food poisoning and traffic accidents. Do not buy food sold by street vendors without licenses. Make sure to purchase fireworks through decent channels and pay attention to safety when setting them off.

  5. If you are going to travel, please inform your parents of your travel plan in advance. Pay special attention to traffic safety and food safety on the way, do not go to dangerous areas, and try to avoid crowded places. During the trip, keep your family and friends informed of your latest situation and whereabouts. When you go out, please bring essential medicines along. Do not take a vehicle that is in illegal operation. In case of theft on the way out, call 110 in time.

  6. Plan the vacation wisely and properly.

Sincerely wish you Happy New Year!

Residential College Intl Campus Zhejiang University

January 6th, 2020