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国际校区书院(2号)生活委员会主席团换届通知 Notice on the change of presidium of RCSC(No.2)




Notice on the change of presidium of RCSC(No.2)

In order to better build a good  environment, strengthen the college students' awareness of self-education, self-management, self-service and self-supervision, guide the college students to carry out self-cultivation education and enhance the vitality of the community. After discussion between the RC office and the presidium of the RCSC (No. 2), a new term of the presidium will be held and recruitment will be launched for College (No. 2) students.
Application conditions:
1. Now, he is the representative of the RC(No.2), or has more than one year's working experience, and is a member of the student union of the College (No. 2). During the term of office, he may call on and unite the students of the unit to actively participate in the work of the college.
2. Have good ideological and political quality, communication and coordination ability and organizational management ability.
3. Willing to serve college students wholeheartedly and enthusiasm to actively participate in college work.
4. There is no violation of discipline and regulation during school.
If you meet the above conditions and are interested in running for election, please fill in the application form for chairman of the presidium of College (No. 2) living Committee and attach your resume to:
Deadline: 10:00am, October 29
The file name format is name + major + unit.


Residential College Administration Office
October 27, 2020