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Notice on Information Collection of Student Development Portfolio for Undergraduate Students

Dear students,

To cultivate high-quality innovative talents and leaders with all-round development and global competitiveness, and fully show the excellent experiences of students in the International Campus, starting from the class of 2021, each student will be provided a Student Development Portfolio,International Campus of Zhejiang University (Attachment 1: Sample).

Students are required to report portfolio individually at first. Once get approved by Institute, the portfolio will be recorded into People Soft System and students can get the printed copy.

Arrangements for 2021 undergraduates are as follows:


1. Individual Submit

Date: 3th March – 17:00 7th March

Please fill in the Students Development Information Collection Form (Attachment 2, Please refer to the sample and follow the format), and then submit it to the class monitor before 17:00 on 7th March.

Please refer to the attachment 3 (Translation Reference of Honors and Awards) for the standard translation of honors and awards.


2. Class Verification

Date: 7th March – 17:00 11th March

Taking the class as the unit, the class committee is responsible for collecting, sorting out and preliminarily verifying the information reported by all the class members (Pay attention to the standard of English and Chinese expressions), and then submit the electronic version, naming with "class + form name (Students Development Information Collection Form)" to student counselor of each Institute before 17:00 on 11th March.


3. Institute Verification

Date: 11th March – 17:00 15th March

Led by the student counselors of each Institute, Center for Academic Affairs, Student Party Branch and Student Work Team etc., work together to assist in the final verification. Records of Work-Study Program, community engagement, volunteer and public services etc., are verified by Youth League Committee and Residential College.


4. Notes

·           The content to be filled in should be organized and certified by campus level (including institute) and above official units.

·           Please provide both Chinese and English records for each entry.

·           Please refer to the Academic Calendar of International Campus for the time and semester of each entry.






Residential College, International Campus

3th March 2021