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Notice of recruitment for student work-study positions on the spring/summer semester of the 2020-2021 school year

Dear all,

In order to promote labor education, and improve students' participation in the campus activity, the recruitment of students' work-study positions in the spring and summer semesters of the 2020-2021 academic year has been initiated. The arrangements are as follows:

1. Job Post

Time: March 22 - March 24 before 17:00

Work-study contacts log on to PeopleSoft system, in the "Student Affairs" module published in the department (unit) of the work-study positions.

The PeopleSoft system "Student Affairs" module operating guide is detailed in Attachment I.

The cooperative company work-study contacts should send the work-study position to by March 23 at 17:00, and the cooperative work-study post will be published by the Residential College to PeopleSoft system.

2. Application process

Time: March 24 - March 28 at 17:00

Students log on to the PeopleSoft system at Zhejiang University's international campus and click on the "Student Job Application" section of the "Student Application" module to register. Details of the student application operation guide can be found in Attachment II.

3. Online selection

Time: March 28 - March 31 at 17:00

After the registration is over, the departments shall arrange their own selection, and submit the results. Please download and fill out the Summary Form for the Selection of Work-study Positions for the Spring/Summer Semester 2020-2021 (Attachment III) and send it to by 17:00 on March 31.

4. Note

International Students are encouraged to participate in school’ work-study program.

The management system of the international campus work-study shall be incorporated into the overall management system of the school work-study program, and the departments (units) of the campus shall strictly abide by the relevant provisions.

Contact Information学生事务部关于2018秋冬学期学生勤工助学岗位招募的通知

CHEN Jingyan 0571-87572207

ZHU Yuchen     0571-87572252


Attachment I Department (units) contacts operating guide.pdf

Attachment II Student application operation guide.pdf

Attachment III Summary Form for the Selection of Work-study Positions for the SpringSummer Semester 2020-2021.xlsx


Residential College, International Campus of Zhejiang University