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Notice on Recruitment for the Special Work Study Positions of International Campus Education Innovation Program

In order to give full play to the educational function of work study program and strengthen the effect of "labor education". The International Campus "Deep Participation in the Construction of International Campus Community Work Study Education Innovation Program" has been approved by school. According to the program design, combined with the actual work of the campus, we now start the 2021 work study education innovation program application and recruitment work, the specific arrangements are as follows:

1.      Department (Unit) Contact Program Application

Work study labor education innovation program will primary focus on Campus sustainable construction, Community Engagement program and Multi-cultural integration program. Department (unit) contact can use application link or scan the code below to apply for funds.


2.      Student Application Process

The recruitment process and precautions are the same as the routine work study program. Please refer to for detail information. (See the third part of the notice for the specific schedule)

3.      Schedule

Department (Unit) Contact Program Application 3.29-3.31 17:00

Job Post:                                                                 4.1-4.2 17:00

Student Application                                               4.3-4.5 17:00

Online Selection:                                                       4.6-4.8 17:00

4.      Contact Information

Chen, Jingyan:

Zhu, Yuchen:

Residential College of International Campus