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Model dormitory recruit results announced


After two weeks of visits, the first dormitory model recruit activity was successfully completed. We visited 9 dormitories in total, including 2 girls dormitories, and 7 boys dormitories. Thanks for the understanding and support. Meanwhile, we also appreciate the support from the members of RCSC, as well as Brother Lei and Xu Chao who passionately joined us to visit together.

Dormitory is the main place for us to study and live. We are very pleased to see that all the 9 dormitories are very clean and neat. Some students decorate their dormitories with books, plants, fresh fruit and etc. Some play soft music, or create favorite cartoon atmosphere. We are also touched by their care for each other. They praised the dormitories sincerely, or joked with each other. One student even reminded us to visit later as his classmate might be in a nap. 

During the visit, we also received some helpful suggestion about the hardware and software facilities of our Residential College, which will definitely help us to improve.

Hereby we announce the model dormitories and star dormitories as follows:

1-4A11 Li Heyuans Dorm Model Dorm

1-2B24 Xu Ziyangs Dorm Model Dorm


6-2B03 Zhang Yichis Dorm  (Star Dorm)

6-3A03 Li Wenyues Dorm  (Star Dorm)

1-3B11 Yan Yiyangs Dorm  (Star Dorm)

1-2B25 Zhao Junhans Dorm  (Star Dorm)

1-2A04 Wang Jinghuas Dorm  (Star Dorm)

1-3A07 Shen Xiangweis Dorm  (Star Dorm)

1-2B22 Cai Zerongs Dorm  (Star Dorm)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Counselor for Students: Tracey Xia, Daren Wang