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Ocean and the social development


“The great ambition of a country needs to be carried by the whole ocean. To construct a nation with strong maritime power, all the citizens should enhance their awareness of the ocean and devote to it.” On Dec. 4th,2016, Prof. Chen Ying, a Qiushi distinguished professor from Zhejiang University and a top expert of Zhejiang Province, visited the residential college, international campus of ZJU and delivered a wonderful lecture titled “explore the ocean, exploit the ocean”.


   In the introductory part of the lecture, Prof. Chen narrated the stories vividly about the history of navigators at home and abroad exploring the earth and discovering the world as well as the rise of maritime power. Furthermore, he pointed out that the oceans are essential to the country's rise. In the “explore the ocean” part, Prof. Chen used Google Earth to analyze the land-sea relationship intuitively, which deepened the concept that "the earth is a globe of water". Besides, he introduced some important straits and canals in the world, and emphasized their economic and military values.


   Then, Prof. Chen introduced the strategies western countries once devised to exploit the oceans from the 15th to the 19th century. He elaborated on the Triangular Trade, the ocean-based development strategy in Japan, and the marine financial and economic policy of the US. Through these examples, Prof. Chen put forward his point of view that the one who controls sea power can control the whole world. Currently, China is facing a complex international environment and has devised its strategy to build a powerful marine country. Prof. Chen believed that the key to the success of China 's strategy is whether it cannot avoid conflicts with the US and take the interests of neighboring countries into consideration. On the road of China's rejuvenation, “One Belt, One Road” has achieved initial goals, China is working together with the countries along the road to build a community of shared destiny based on inclusiveness and mutual trust, which will have a profound impact on the future world order and global development.

         Throughout this lecture, students from the International Campus enhanced their marine awareness and deepened their understandings of the ocean strategies. As Chinese citizens, we should set the geography and history as our theodolites, learn about the ocean, care about the ocean, and contribute to building a marine power for our country!



Written by Qin Chuyan and Dustin / Photo by Zachary