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Quality Development Lecture Series: To train a strong structured thinking


    In the 14:30pm of January 3rd,2016, Qiwu Shan who was the founder of “thinking training club” gave a speech about “structuralized thinking” in multifunctional hall of International Campus Zhejiang University. Under his lively description and examples, international students, teachers and even leaders learned a lot. The most interesting thing was that listeners continued interacting with Mr. Shan actively which led the atmosphere reach to the peak.

    Mr. Shan figured out the importance of structuralized thing in both study and work. Based on his ten-year experience, Mr. Shan showed that structuralized thinking could turn a thick book into one simple relational graph which was precious enough to formed in mind. On the other hand, he defined the foundational state of structuralized thinking in becoming excellent and thought that it could improve by training. His creative ideas made it easier to catch listeners’ focus. This time, the speech may have a big influence for listeners’ future development. The meaningful course made people know the structuralized thinking as well as thinking how to be efficient, how to turn complex into simple things, how to find the essence of problems.