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Farewell Reception


At 4 p.m., January 9, all ZJUI students, with feelings of reverence and gratitude, came to the first floor of the Student Center to bid farewell to representatives of the faculty members, who had successfully completed the lectures of the semester. These faculty members included Prof. Zhong-jin Ruan and Prof. Tao Xie from UIUC, who would soon return to the United States. The students expressed gratitude to the professors. The Farewell Reception did not have any pre-defined procedure, but reached one climax after another in a lively atmosphere.




Cold as the weather was, the students were warmly enthusiastic. Long before the Reception began, they arrived early and spontaneously stood in two lines to receive the professors. Upon entering the gate, each professor was received by the students with a big round of applause. Then, ZJUI Executive Dean Prof. Philip Krein briefly addressed the audience, thanking all the faculty and staff members, inviting them and the students to enjoy the refreshments. Bathed in warm lighting, the professors and the students chatted happily, recalling the moments they spent together and hoping for a better tomorrow. In a cozy ambience, the students hugged the two UIUC professors. The hugs and greetings embody the best wishes for the future.



At last, the professors and the students took a group photo. The Farewell Reception concluded in cheers and laughter.