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Medical Experience Activity for International Students


In March, the wind blows into the wicker and the branches are blooming. It’s the best time in spring when all creations grow, but also it’s also the time when diseases occur frequently, So the health and quality of life are also concerned seriously by teachers and students in this campus.

On March 30th, to tie in with the health and safety promotion activity in spring, as well as to help international students to get familiar with the process and notices of medical treatments in China, to learn medical terms in Chinese, Office of Student Affairs cooperating with Master of China Studies, Campus Infirmary and Haining People’s Hospital organized a medical experience activity.

At 2 PM, led by faculties of Office of Student Affiars and Master of China Studies, international students signed up for this activity went to Campus Infirmary to learn about steps of get medical treatments in campus first. With the company of Doc. Cao and other stuff from infirmary, international students not only viewed all the departments but also simulated the process of seeing a doctor at infirmary, gaining a wealth of knowledge. Moreover, international students offered many valuable suggestions for the improvement of the facilities and services of the school's infirmary.



Around 3 PM, after the experience of Campus Infirmary, international students left campus for Haining People’s Hospital to have a visit with the company of Doc. Cao. Doc. Bai, the doctor of Haining People’s Hospital led students to get familiar with the locations of the various departments, learn how to register with the self-service machines, processes of chemical tests and first aid. International students also learned much medical terms in Chinese which helped a lot.






At the end of this activity, some student expressed her wish to be a volunteer in Haining People's Hospital for compulsory service, such as playing games with kids and accompanying them to get treatments. This idea was responded with positive attitude from Doc. Bai, who suggested students to do the volunteer work well organized, and Haining People’s Hospital was willing to carry out joint activities with students from International Campus, Zhejing University.