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Resuscitate Heart, Save Life —— Lecture on Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation


May 24th, a lecture on Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation was held at Multi-purpose Hall, Residential College by Campus Development and Management Office & Office of Student Affairs. Leaders of campus, Mr Longbao Wei, Jinqi Zhou and Jenny Wang were present. Senior lecturer Mrs Yangqing Ling from League of Red Cross Societies of Haining was invited to give this wonderful lecture. 




Mrs. Ling explained the significance of safety precausion and emergency rescue, and listed main keys of safety precausion, such as to avoid contact with patients carrying respiratory disease, to avoid the crowds, do not eat meats or vegetables uncooked, do not take medicine carelessly and so on. Besides, Mrs. Ling showed us the correct way of washing hands and did interaction with the audience.

Nowadays, since the rate of accidence has raised with the population flow and social interaction, on-site first aid is the first step to rescue a life in danger. Mrs. Ling said, the new pattern of modern emergency emphasizes the role of “site ambulance”and anyone can be a site ambulance. After that, she explained the seven procedures of CPR and the keys of its operation, showed us with a modal step by step. 

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      After learning the theory, students and teachers did practice with the instrcution of Mrs. Ling. All of us gained a skill to rescue life and had a deeper realization of the preciousness and change of life. 

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Tomorrow or accident, we never know which would come first, while each of us just has one chance to live. Therefore, the skills to do safety precausion and first aid benefited us all, whcih we would use to protect ourselves and help othes.     

                                Eidted by Star Zhou