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Seven in One – the Journey of Clubs Started


After a semester's planning, the member recruitment of student clubs finally began. The clubs waiting for their newers are Samll ball club, Badminton club, Student TV station, Astronomy club, China Study club, Cantonese club and Chinese painting penmanship club and the Instrument club founded on the spot.

At five o’clock in the evening, members of Student Union of Student Association and all leaders of the seven clubs had already begun preparing for the activity- arranging for the tables and music, decorating their own places with their own marks. With the bell ringing at 6pm, the students came to the Multi-purpose Hall in succession. Accompanying with the background music and the rolling screens, the students had feasted their eyes on the marvelous contents of this activity. The girls from China Study club were in traditional Hanfu with graceful manners; the leader of Chinese painting and penmanship club composed painting and calligraphy the scene, gaining great admiration from the students. Meanwhile, Badminton and Small Ball club had brought their rackets and bats for students to practice; student TV station played the video they made and Cantonese club played Cantonese songs. Every club’s table has seen students surrounding and signing up. More surprisingly, many students had expectations in creating a new club- Instrument club; students with music interests had joined without hesitation.

At seven, the recruitment acticity ended on a good note. The students left with gifts from the clubs, and the club leaders received warm support. The day marked a leap toward the goal of diversity in our campus, and we look forward to the colourful semester created by the newly established associations.

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