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Afternoon Tea: Share Your Favorite English Literature


On June 15th, 2017,with wonderful music, the international and Chinese students gathered together in the first Residential College to enjoy English afternoon tea and discuss English literature. This activity was held by the Residential College Student Committee with help of our consultants.

At first, delicate teacups and delicious desserts drew everyone’s attention. While enjoying English afternoon tea, we also need milk and desserts. The desserts were elegantly placed on the three-layer plate: finger-size sandwiches were placed on the first layerprofiteroles the second layerand desserts the third. Excited, we were about to have a taste, Tiffany politely interrupted our incorrect way of eating the desserts and patiently taught us the right way: first, put the napkin onto our lap; when stirring, the spoon should be moved back and forth rather than in circles; what’s more, when holding the tea cup, our index finger and thumb just need to meet with each other, but not in loop… With Tiffany’s guide, we all learned how to enjoy desserts genteelly as well as some British etiquette.

While we were enjoying afternoon teaWenyue Li, a member of RCSC led us to next part to discuss English literature: We opened the books provided, including the masterpieces of Shakespeare, Don Juan, and of course, the most popular series, Harry Potter. After reading for a little while, we started our discussion. When talking about the books of common, we became excited like meeting a bosom friend. In the midst of the laughterwe spent a leisurely and pleasant afternoon.

In this way, we are amazed that English literature and English tea can bring us together. There are houses of gold in books. Though this afternoon tea activity marks the end of our reading month this semester, the habit of reading will never end. We hope everyone can enjoy the pleasure of reading.

                           Written by Wenyue Li, Jinghan Huang and Yifan Chen

         Photoed by Jieyu Wang and Yuqin Xia