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Cheer While We Are Young: End of School Year Party


On June 16th, 2017, the end of the last school year when all the undergraduate students had finished their exams, Residential College Student Committee as well as International Student Council held the End of School Year Party to send farewells to those leaving the campus as well as to end the semester. The activity included Tie Dye, Scavenger Hunt, Water Ball Fight, and Evening party, etc.

At half past 3 p.m., Tie Dye took place. After designing and ordering the T-shirts to be dyed, Tie Dye was started. From soaking the clothes to preparing the dyes, and from dyeing to sealing the T-shirts, Tie Dye processed in order. There were also students who chose not to dye the clothes, having fun on the lawn.

The Scavenger Hunt covered the whole campus, from the residential college to teaching buildings, and from the gymnasium to the business street, directed by four people wearing Chinese ancient costumes. There were seven spots, each bringing up a riddle directing to a new spot, generating a lot of fun. After one team arrived at the final spot, the water ball fight began. RCSC prepared hundreds of water balls to serve as “ammunition” for the fighters, presenting coolness to residents in summer,

At night, Chinese students and international students held an evening party in Hai Club. Whether it is during the quiz, the talent show, or the last ball, everyone was more excited than ever.

Throughout the whole activity, students were joyfully sharing the last days in the residential college in this school year. It deepened their friendship as well as gave a nice end to the year.



Words by Yuhang Ren

Photos by Yuhang Ren, Baizhi Chen, and Wenyue Li