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On September 29th, Mid-Autumn Garden Party was held successfully in multi-purpose hall and Table Tennis & Pool room in Residential College, International Campus, Zhejiang University. With the strong support from Residential College and under the energetic publicity of Residential College Student Committee, both Chinese and international students had great interests to have a try on this activity and they had fun together. Mid-Autumn Garden Party contain ten games, including three interesting ball games in the Table Tennis & Pool room and other seven games in multi-purpose hall. The games in Mid-Autumn Garden Party are various: “Land mines”, “You perform, I guess”, “Flow the ping pong”, “Darts towards the ‘moon’”, “Treasure hunt for riddles”, “Sort out”, and the most popular “Just Dance” and “Soundhound”.


While our host was telling the beautiful legend about Chang'e, our party steadily went towards the climax. Both Chinese and international students participated in this special party with great enthusiasm. The whole activities were organized in great order and all the games are popular among students. We saw many participants wait in line to play the game. Meanwhile, Residential College prepared a small surprise for everyone, that is, the mooncake coupon, with which they can exchange for exquisite gift according to the rules. In order to get the lovely dolls and exquisite lanterns, many teams of Chinese and international students formed and departed to hunt for riddles. Teammates helped each other and got what they need , shared the joy of that moment and the joy of harvest prizes.


Happy time went fast. When the 9-o'clock bell rang, which marked the end of our "garden activities", lots of students still wandered at the game booths, enjoying themselves so much that they even forgot to leave. The garden party brings happiness and warmth to Residential College. Last but not least, best wishes to this large family and happy Mid-Autumn Festival