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SHaining Run in International Campus


On Wednesday night, November 8th, the SHaining Run which was organized by RCSC in collaboration with band Horizontal band, Innovate. intl() club (pre), Inversheen photography club (pre) and the basketball club (pre) was held successfully. The night was the best time to run, and it was also a time for campus to feature his unusual charm. The weather and atmosphere was great that night, perfect for running. With the song “Stray Heart” performed by the band, the atmosphere of the activity raised to the top at the very beginning. Students were actively involved and applauded.



After some brief introduction by the host and a big group photo, the run started. Wearing fluorescent bracelets, glasses and facial stickers, participants followed the organizing committees from basketball club and ran around the campus twice in different routes, with a total length of about 4 km which took over 40 minutes. During the run, students visited the second-stage construction site of the campus, appreciated the beauty of the long arch bridge and the splendid lecture hall in artistic lights, explored the little corner of the campus that they had not discovered, and also the mysterious and colorful aisle of the experimental building. The Inversheen photography club and the Innovate intl() club also set special points of time-lapse photography and technical LED device on the way, which made the run more colorful.



The RCSC also set a supply station to provide water and a rest place for runners to restore their strength. During this activity, students exercised their bodies as well as learned more about the new campus and enjoyed the beautiful night scenery, which was really a double benefit. After running, all participants returned to the residential college with happy and contented smiles, some even had late night snacks. Everyone had a good time.


Authors: Gong Yiru and Tze Qiao

Photo: Tutor Qiang Lu, Zikai Liu from Inversheen Photography Club