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The Shiniest Star in the Sky


After audition and semi-final, on the evening of April 21, the final of the First Singing Competition of International Campus Zhejiang University was successfully held in Bell Tower Square. Through earlier competitions, six excellent singers stood out from the crowd and finally stepped on the stage to give us amazing performances. With warm wind blowing from the lake, their voices reverberated through the whole campus and made the competition a real success.


In the solo part, Han Ziyuan who is a sophomore BMS student started with “In My Song”. Wu Xihang, a sophomore majored in EE also gained applause with his “You Are Not Truly Happy”. Next, a CE freshman, He Jiafan performed his “If Love is My Fate” as excellent as the original singer, Li Jian. Similarly, Yu Yuqi who is an ME freshman attracted quite a lot of fans through her “Legend” also composed by Li Jian. The other “Yuqi”, Wang Yuqi who is a freshman majored in CE, became the focus of the whole stage when singing “We Have Promised”. The last singer in solo part is Dinara who majored in PME from Kazakhstan. She let the audience hear a perfect song called “Perfect” with her professional performance.

At half time, a creative program which mixed b-box and hip-hop together gave audience a completely unique feeling. Trendy elements in b-box and street dance are integrated with each other, reflecting the innovative spirits of international campus.

The second round became even more splendid. Singers should form a group of two people and cooperate. This form of performance not only required singers’ voices, but also their coordination. Thought it is difficult, six singers made it a big success. Wu Xihang and Han Ziyuan chose “The Roof”; Yu Yuqi and Wang Yuqi sang “Thief of the Time” together; He Jiafan and Dinara made an international cooperation to bring us “Good Time”. The fair-sounding rhythms spread to every corner of international campus.

Eventually, after two rounds of competition, Dinara won the first place. He Jiafan and Wu Xihang won the second place and third place respectively. But it is reasonable to believe that the rest three singers also gave us amazing auditory experience.

Looking up at the clear sky, it was really a good time to observe the moon and stars. Energetic souls were singing, and passionate hearts were beating; these singers were the shiniest star in the sky. There is no doubt that there will be more and more students joining international campus; we will make our voices heard everywhere around the world and we will fill our sky with thousands of stars. Future is waiting here, just for us.

 by Yunlang Zhu