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Here Came the Foreign Faulty Party Report!


Since the beginning of September, each overseas faculty was busy adapting to the totally new campus, and had no appropriate time to deepen mutual understanding. By the end of October, the Housing Office of residential college was exquisitely preparing a party for them.     



6:30 pm, October 28, foreign teachers from ZJUE, ZJUI and Language Center arrived at the seminar room which is on the 10th floor of teacher apartment. Staffs from the housing office attentively dressed the room, personally cooked a table of Haining local cuisine and also prepared a low-sugar, healthy and pretty dessert table. Every guest enjoyed the food and took about James Blunt, the wonderful English pronunciation, work and life experiences in China.


After the wonderful dinner, guests joined in the popular Beer Pong Game. Tifffany embraced Marylin to celebrate their primary win, for this second, they not only embraced the teammate to share the joy, but also embraced each other's friendship; Rick, from Language Center, played the guitar along with singing, won everyone’s applause; The most popular cuisine was Hongshao rou (braised pork with brown sauce), preserved eggs are considered the most dark dishes (food with black magic).



Let us look forward to the next meet!