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Be a Dream Seeker & Dream Maker in the New Era!


On May 4th, 2018, International Campus launched a series of activities to celebrate “May the Fourth” Youth Day. 


In the afternoon, an open show from outstanding Youth League members was organized. 

23 outstanding candidates showed their excellent achievements and performance in this academic year and won rounds of applauses. Around 60 students and staff attended this activity.

On this day, Youth League members wore the group badge all day long and sang the communist Youth League song. Each branch proposed a slogan and explained its connotation, bringing together the consensus of the members. Additionally, the branches also carried out an activity called "Flash", reflecting their vitality.

The flash photo of the ECE 1702's shot displayed the scenes where the students were reading as well as playing the guitar, showing their enthusiasm to pursue the truth and chase their dreams.

The EE 1701 branch used aerial photography to provide a different visual experience from a top-down perspective. Students sitted down and formed the shape of a circle, which represents their unity.

CE 1701’s flash photo was taken in the library. It showed their thirst for knowledge and the friendship among the fellows. The BMS 1702 branch took a photo with the bell tower, reflecting their dew of youth. 

These “Flash” shots exhibited the vitality of the young and the courage for pursuing dreams. Students of International Campus, Zhejiang University will always stick to the motto, pursuing the truth and making innovations for the world.

(Edited by Youth League Committee of International Campus and Center of New Media)