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Delegates from University of Macau visited Residential College, International Campus Zhejiang University



In the morning of 5th March, the Director of Student Resources ZHANG Xuesen and Dean of CKY Residential College ZHEN Yong and the rest of delegates from the University of Macau visited the Residential College, International Campus of Zhejiang University. 


Member of Party Working Committee of International Campus, ZJU, Head of Student Affairs of International Campus WANG Yufen, Assistant of Dean and Head of Campus Development Management QU Lijuan, Deputy Master WANG Yepeng and all Residential College Counselors have joined the meeting with the delegates. 

The delegates started their tour in Residential College from the common area. The Deputy Master WANG Yepeng made an introduction to the delegates about the organisation structure, history of setting up the Residential College and cultural activities that have been carried out in Residential College. The delegates expressed their admiration towards the modern learning facilities and equipment built in the Residential College and shown huge interest in all the cultural activities. 

Later on, the delegates and the Residential College counselors joined the discussion meeting after their tour and Dean ZHEN Yong delivered his speech regarding the University of Macau and discussed about how the education works being conducted in their residential college.