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Students Exchange to Oxford University



On August 3, 2019, Mr. Yepeng Wang, the Deputy Master of ZIRC and six student representatives were invited to Lady Margaret Hall (LMH), University of Oxford, to take part in a summer program with the theme of “Science Research at the Cutting-edge”. The program covered not only academic lectures and senior sharing sessions from Oxford, but also cultural experience including welcome dinner, British afternoon tea and Scottish dance which allowed students to have a taste of local culture and life. Students of the program also visited famous British institutions as well as visiting Oxford Town Hall and Oxford Library etc., so as to experience the characteristics of Oxford in the whole trip.


From artificial intelligence, robotics to particle physics, inorganic chemistry; from biological engineering to biomedical sciences, the program covered a wide range of research topics. During the 17 days of study and life in Oxford, the students learned the latest development in the research of science and technology from the outstanding staff and professors of various fields of scientific research and gained deeper understanding of the applications of research achievements in real life and society. At the same time, they also learned how to write research proposals and reports on different scientific topics within small groups with the help of experienced researchers, whereby laying a foundation for the application for postgraduate and doctoral degrees in their future career.


Lady Margaret Hall, located in Norland Garden Road, northeast Oxford, is one of the 38 colleges of the University of Oxford, and is named after lady Margaret Beaufort, the birth mother of King Henry Ⅶ of England. LMH and Somerville college (1879), where Margaret Hilda Thatcher, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990 studied in were the first two women’s colleges in Oxford and began to accept men from the 20th century. The summer program of LMH provides students from top universities around the world with access to knowledge at the cutting-edge, along with a platform for students from different backgrounds and with diverse interests to exchange ideas as well as a brilliant experience of the culture and history of the esteemed university with high reputation around the world.