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Faculty and Staff Moved to Haining Campus


On August 16, 2016, the faculty and staff of the International Campus, Zhejiang University bid farewell to Zijingang Campus, and moved to the new campus site in Haining. They left with a mission to develop the new institution into a high quality international establishment.

At around 8:45, the staff and faculty gathered in Zijingang Campus. Song Yonghua, Executive Vice President of ZJU and Dean of the International Campus, and Ying Yibin, Vice President of ZJU and Executive  Associate Dean of the International Campus, addressed and saw off the team on behalf of Jin Deshui, ZJU’s Party Chief and Wu Zhaohui, ZJU President.


University leaders see off the staff and faculty of the International Campus


The staff and faculty of the International Campus bid farewell to Zijingang Campus

At 10:30, the moving vehicles arrived at Haining Campus. Cao Yi, Vice Mayor of Haining and Wu Guanjia, Vice Chairman of the Municipal CPPCC, among others, welcomed the new arrivals on behalf of Haining Government.


Haining City officials welcome the staff and faculty of the International Campus


“Haining Campus, here we come!”

The beautiful campus blending Chinese and western styles were spoken highly of by the faculty and staff. They signed their names  on a commemoration ink print and wished the best for the International Campus.

On the same afternoon, a general meeting was held, focusing on the preparation work ahead of the first student arrivals in September. The meeting was hosted by Fu Qiang, Associate Dean of the International Campus. Ying Yibin reflected on the campus development from three aspects: talent recruitment, campus construction and cooperative education. He also expressed gratitude to all the faculty and staff for their dedication to the process. Song Yonghua expressed his best wishes to the new campus and thanked those who contributed to the campus development. He encouraged them, noting that the development of the International Campus was significant to higher institution reform, education internationalization and the development of Zhejiang University. It was a great opportunity to participate in the process, he said. He also emphasized the honorable mission of the campus. The Campus was essential for Zhejiang University to join the ranks of the top international universities, and would serve as a pilot base for higher education reform domestically and internationally. To undertake the task and to realize the dream, the faculty and staff should keep learning and exploring, with a brave and pioneering spirit. “Although it was only our first step, it was a solid step that turned dream into reality. I hope we can work hard together and achieve great results!”he concluded.

During the meeting, the faculty and staff exchanged their views on the campus development, and showed their determination to stand on the ground and make contributions to the International Campus.


The first general meeting of the International Meeting convened in Haining


Vice President Ying Yibin delivers a speech


Executive Vice President Song Yonghua delivers a speech