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Higher, Faster, Stronger!


On Oct 21st and 22nd, athlete team from ZJU international campus debuted at the 2016 ZJU sports game as well as realized a break-through of medal. International team, composed of 18 athletes, participated in the competition of 22 projects. Apart from this, more than 30 students from international campus attended “ten thousand-people long running”, which is a part of the “sunshine sports”project aiming to advocate students to join in the sports games. Regardless of a series of difficulties and challenges including unfavorable weather and long distance ride, athletes transcended ego, pushed hard and displayed their sportsmanship as well.

Cai Zerong, from ZJU-UOE Institude, finished fourth in the 110-meter hurdles and gained the first points for international campus. Zachary Wu, from ZJU-UIUC Institude, overtook his opponents in the 400-meter and gained a bronze medal--the first medal for international campus, which means a great breakthrough! Another boy worthy mentioning is Teddy Li, from passed the preliminary comtest and got the eighth in the high jump. Although the rest of athletes didn’t get a good place in other competition, they presented themselves in the best possible light. Our students also showed great team spirit by playing an active part in the volunteer work.

The 2016 ZJU sports game is already over. Though this precious experience, our students not only tones up our body, but also built our confidence. We will enhance physical exercise, and our only aim for next sports game is “higher, faster, stronger”!