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International Campus Icebreaking Night


On the evening of Sept.15th, 2016, the freshmen of international campus gathered at the multi-purpose room to enjoy some icebreaking games, which aims to break barriers and help the students get to know each other.


The activity consisted of three sections, starting with the introduction of the students that were randomly divided into four groups. After that, the students started playing Dodge Ball games. One of the interesting aspects of the game was that the hit only count when the hitters correctly stated the names of their opponents upon hitting them. This helped the students remember others’ names quickly. What’s more, the ball used in the game was made of the disposable raincoat they used during the day, which corresponds to the school’s commitment to recycling and would not hurt the participants. The last section was Story Circle Games, in which the host started the story with “Mr. Wu is walking in the dark”. With the brilliant stories going on, the students were caught up in the lively atmosphere, and the night ended on a good note.


When asked about the reason for this activity, one of the conductors Zhang Run shared his perspective. He considers the first year to be special to freshmen as the military training during which the students get to know each other was delayed. That’s why we needed an opportunity to break the ice between students.


Hopefully the students will hold more lively and interesting games to help them bond and become a family.




(By Gu Linfan & Alyce)