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A meaningful trip to Haining


The students from the International Campus of Zhejiang University were invited to the opening ceremony of the Twenty-third Haining Tidal Bore Festival in Yanguan on September 15th.

Yanguan is the best place to watch the Tidal Bore. The students waited outside in the rain. Grey clouds passing by, the river rose and the waves rolled in, like a white line, rushing past. A student from ZJU - UoE Institute (ZJUE) wrote: *'Listen to the call of the running tide. She said that, to the future, I will be the guide."


Foreign students were surrounded by reporters. Hannah, a German girl from the China studies said that she had seen the waves, but did not see the magical tide. She took a video, and would share it with her family and friends.

At noon they ate a Haining meal. "Changan meatball" is made of pigskin and fish, and students enjoyed it. After lunch they set off for a pedestrian in Yanguan. They visited the Gelao Chen Former Residents, Flowered Habitats, Go Game Masters' House and so on. An enthusiastic shop owner treated the foreign students to tea, and they thanked him in Chinese.


After the event, the foreign students changed their wechat avatar with picture full of Chinese style. ZJU-UIUC Institute (ZJUI) students said introducing Chinese culture to foreign students can improve their English and impress on them the Chinese cultural heritage.

(By Wang Minglu)