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The Mid-Autumn Festival in Residential College



In the evening of September 15th, organized by the Residential College, students coming from different provinces and different countries participated in the activity to make moon cakes themselves at the ground floor of the residential college. There are many students bring their international friends to enjoy the moon cakes making. With more and more students coming, the room was filled of passion. Equipped with moon cake flour, bean-paste filling and edible pigment, Students designed with the mould, some team collaborated a lot, inviting international students together. Students voted for the selection of the best moon cake award, the works showed great creativity, in different colors and patterns, this is the reflection of our young students' innovative ability.


The enthusiasm of guessing lantern riddles was even higher. The joy lit up the rainy night. Many students spontaneously gathered to watch the mid-autumn festival gala on the TV, or play group games, talk about life, and most commonly, share the moon cakes. This was the first Mid-autumn festival since the students have left their hometown. The international campus would provide them with a wonderful Mid-autumn Festival.