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The second Distinguished Lecture of Residential College


The second Distinguished Lecture was presented by Professor James Robson and Parima G. Patil at Residential College, International Campus, Zhejiang University on 24th Oct 2016, attracting dozens of Chinese and international students to learn about the East and South Asian religions and Buddhism.


James Robson is the James C. Kralik and the Yunli Lou Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University and the President of the Society for the Study of Chinese Religions. He specializes in the history of Medieval Chinese Buddhism and Daoism, and is particularly interested in issues of sacred geography, local religious history, talismans, religious art, and the historical development of Chan (Zen) Buddhism. He shared the talk entitled “The Buddhist Mindfulness Craze and the Craziness of Mindfulness” with the audiences, which awake their interests of Buddhism.


Parimal G. Patil is a professor of Religion and Indian Philosophy and Chairman of the Department of South Asian Studies at Harvard University. He is a philosopher and intellectual historian of religion who is interested in South Asian intellectual practices and their relevance to broader issues in the Study of Religion, Philosophy, and Area Studies. He is particularly interested in Indian Buddhism, its intellectual history in Southern Asia, and Buddhist, Hindu, and Jaina debates in aesthetics, epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of language. His talk “How to Argue with the Buddhist” was loved by the audiences and stimulated the discussion sessions after the speech.


“This lecture is really great and we wish you could come to the international campus again,” said Carron David, the graduated students from the Institute of China Studies. This activity was organized by Residential College , Office of Student Affairs, International Campus, together with Buddhist Resource and Research Center of Zhejiang University and chaired by Dr. Yufen Wang and Prof. Huanhuan He.