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Notice on No.10 Typhoon Ampil

07/21/2018 - 17:45

Dear Everyone,

According to the forecast of meteorological departmentthe No.10 typhoon Ampil will land on the coastal areas of Zhejiang Province tonight or early morning tomorrow, whose maximum wind level near the center of the landing is grade 12 (33 m / sec). There will possibly be strong wind and heavy rain in Haining.

We’d like to remind you:

1. Try to stay indoor during this time. And be safe when going out.

2. Close windows in time to keep the rain out. Avoid laying your shoes or flowerpot out of the windows.

3. Collect your clothes from drying areas in time to avoid being polluted by the rain.

4. Caution slippery. Slow down when walking the stairs. Do not push or chase each other on the road.

5. Get prepared for sudden power outage. Shut down power in case of thunderstorm.

6. Do not walk around walls, trees, outdoor billboards, large banners, buildings, etc, to prevent accidental injuries.

7. If any facilities are damaged or any flood is found, please report to Reception Desk in time.


                      Residential CollegeInternational Campus