2023-12-19 The 10th High Table Dinner Held

On the evening of December 12th, the 10th High Table Dinner, organized by Weixue College, was held in the multifunctional hall of International Campus. Professor FU Qiang, Deputy Secretary of CPC ZJU Committee attended the ceremony, and Professor Yan Jianhua, Master of Weixue College, delivered a speech. The dinner invited Dr. SHEN Xiaojiang, a 2005 alumnus of Zhejiang University and founder and general manager of Zhejiang EasyClean Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to serve as the guest of honor.


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We should do a good job in student work and lead the College Student Life Committee to make further progress; For what you want, for your joy, warm and sincere service to students, and build a harmonious and wonderful Residential College life!

Kaixuan Li|Residential College Student Committee of International Campus, ZJU

Goals determine what you are going to be. President Zhu's two questions at the gate of the Residential College have always inspired me.

Kaiyi Feng|Residential College Student Committee of International Campus, ZJU

In the Residential College, we can participate in a variety of work study programs. I participated in the publicity work of the Residential College, which exercised my ability and let me see my new possibilities.

Xinlu Xu|Winner of "Work Study Star"

As the regional leader, we help life teachers develop self-management ability in international life, so that everyone has a comfortable and international living environment. The Academy will also hold international food festivals and other special activities from time to time. The international atmosphere is really nice!

Chunzeng luo|Graduate student, student district chief
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